Photo Vault a safe place to store your private files.

Our app is the most secure place for your private files.

App lock (privacy protection)

Use your pin code to access secret photo vault, meaning that all of your personal photos are locked out of view

Private Cloud

After Cloud Sync is turned on, the files will be automatically synced to Private Cloud, so you'll never lose a file again.

Video Download

Free to download videos from any website.Support offline play and transcode without any third part plugin.

How we do it HOW

Photo Vault uses cipher AES-256 encryption, considered among the most secure in the world and “bank-level” or “military-grade” across all of its privacy and security apps.

  1. Military-grade encryption Our back-ups are also encrypted, which are managed by your device and by Photo Vault’s back-up system
  2. Encrypted backups Back-ups are encrypted with multiple layers of encryption keys
  3. No access for Photo Vault employees We have systems in place so that no employees ever access or view your content

More Premium features

The Premium plan will increase backup storage space limit from 500MB to 10GB.

★Space Saver

It's a smart storage, by storing your full-size pictures in the Private Cloud, your phone storage will lighten up.

★ Break-In Alerts

See who attempted to visit your Photo Vault with a wrong PIN.

mobile app
★ Fake PIN (false PIN)

Fake PIN will create another PIN to the decoy Photo Vault.

★ Album lock

Use a single password to lock albums.