Photo Vault - Hide Private Pictures & Videos

secret photo vault is a personal safe spot for your photos and videos, where you can hide away anything you want safely and privately with a personal pin code so that you and only you can access them

with secret photo vault you can safely store personal or important photos and videos without anyone seeing or accessing them by hiding them behind its pin code photo lock

among the many security features of secret photo vault you can find:

use your pin code to access secret photo vault, meaning that all of your personal photos are locked out of view

create new albums to keep your photos and videos well organized

create shared albums so that you and your friends can access your shared memories privately with the same photo lock

backup your photos and videos using the cloud storage of secret photo vault so that you never have to worry about storage space

browse the web safely by using secret photo vault to search and download apps, videos or other stuff, without worrying about others discovering your browser history!

set up special protection by configuring secret photo vault to use special privacy measures when you place the phone down, you can make secret photo vault close the app, open other apps or open a specific web page so no one takes you by surprise!

not only that but secret photo vault also has multiple premium features that offer you extra security and personalisation options

view your photos from anywhere using your secret photo vault account and the dedicated cloud storage

increase maximum cloud storage to 10,000 individual photos or videos

take secret photos so that you know who tries to access your photos

use a personal password to give your extra-secret albums an extra layer of security

hide keepsafe itself by disguising it as an antivirus or a calculator so that no one finds your secret vault

recover eliminated photos from secret photo vault intuitive “paper bin”

personalised albums covers so that you can easily see what’s inside of them

not only that but secret photo vault offers different payment plans so that you can choose the one that works better for you!

secret photo vault is the ultimate privacy app! hide away your personal photos and videos into a safe personal vault so that only you can access them!

with the photo lock of secret photo vault all of you can lock photos and videos behind a personalized pin code

secret photo vault lets you create secret photo albums secured by a personal password for a extra layer of privacy

with the hidden cloud backup gallery of secret photo vault you’ll never have to worry about storage space! you can access your favorite photos and videos from any device!

If you install secret photo vault you’ll never have to worry about privacy! just let the specialized photo lock do its job!

and the best part of it all is that people won’t even know! secret photo vault also includes a clever applock to disguise itself so that no one except you knows about your secret gallery

Also you can download your favorite videos through the built-in browser of the app and save them to the app. You can play and watch your favorite videos in the app at the same time.

secret photo vault is your personal video and photo locker that lets you secure all of your private photos behind multiple levels of security and cloud backup so that you don’t have to worry about privacy or storage at all !!

download secret photo vault to get a free hidden photo gallery and upgrade to a premium plan for even better privacy, cloud back up and personalization options!